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Improve your family travel safety! Stay visible on the roadside in case of an emergency.
The Zvelta LED Safety Flares are a must have addition to your Travel Safety Kit. Whether it’s a flat tire on a highway, fixing your truck on the roadside or worse – an accident, while using this LED Safety Flares you can be sure that you and your family are visible to oncoming traffic and emergency responders. Just install the LED Road Flares on the ground around your vehicle and they will send an ultrabright warning signal visible up to 1 mile away for both incoming traffic and rescue teams.

The Zvelta LED Safety Flare will make you visible!

Light, easy to use and easy to store, the LED Safety Flares can be installed within 30 seconds. Designed for maximum flexibility, beside installing them on the ground to highlight your area, you can use the strong Magnetic Base to attach them to any metallic object (especially your car!) and use the incorporated Mounting Hook to hang them on your car hood, a window or your backpack. For complete usability, each Flare includes a 3 LED Flashlight with up to 20 hours running time!

The Zvelta road flares for cars are packed in a handy Set of 6 Family Pack designed with versatility in mind – you can split them between two vehicles, your car and your boat, truck, emergency use or your ‘bug out’ bag. For your convenience we’ve also included a small screwdriver so you don’t have to fumble around if you want to remove the back battery cover.

LED Safety Flares Product Features

Shockproof Roadside Emergency Disc
Durable, Shockproof and WaterproofMade by high quality TPR + PC Plastic material this LED Safety Flares simply won’t break! They work in rain, snow, in the middle of the summer and the dead of the winter. They also work underwater, covered in snow and at high or low temperatures.
Ultrabright Road Flares For Car
Ultrabright, For Day and Night UseEquipped with 12 quality LED lights the LED Safety Flares emit a very strong emergency warning signal visible up to 1 mile away on the roadside. They can be used both during day time and night time and are extremely visible even in rainy, snowy or foggy weather.
9 Led Warning Lights Patterns
9 Flashing Warning Lights + FlashlightThe LED Road Flares Flashing patterns are designed for multiple emergency situations with battery running time up to 50 hours. Modes: #1 Rotate | #2 Quad Flash | #3 Single blink | #4 Alternating blinks | #5 SOS rescue (Morse code) | #6 Steady on high | #7 Steady on low | #8 LED flashlight | #9 LED flashlight
Car Roadside Emergency Kit
Set of 6 Family Pack. Emergency Road Flares With Multiple UseIdeal for a family with 2 or more vehicles as you can split the 6 Safety Flares between all your cars. You can also use them with your Truck, Boat, Bike, hiking trips, camping or any other outdoor activities.
LED Road Flares Gift Idea
A Thoughtful and Affordable GiftYour friends and loved ones will definitely thank you for upgrading their night time travel!
Safety Flares 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
100% Customer Satisfaction
30 Days Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked

6 Pack Road Flares Family Pack

Order your family LED Safety Flares now!

▸ 6 x LED Safety Flares
▸ 1 x Storage Bag
▸ 1 x Handy Screwdriver
▸ 1 x Instructions Sheet
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