Zvelta was founded in 2018 by Adriana and Marius. Adriana is a project manager and mother of two young children, living in the USA. Marius is an entrepreneur in web design, living in Romania. Miles apart, these two friends turned into family when Marius married Adriana’s sister. They now share another common interest: finding simple, easy to use products that keep families safe and happy, whatever they love doing.

The Zvelta LED Safety Flare is the first product.
You (and your family) spend a lot of time on the road – whether it’s the daily commute to work, or the long-awaited road trip! And while you’re focused on the journey, you don’t want to be caught off guard miles from home. Whether it’s a flat tire on a busy highway, taking a break to fix the trailer hitch, or worse – an accident, we want you and your loved ones to be visible to oncoming traffic and emergency responders. If you’ve ever been surprised to suddenly see a dark car appear off the side of the road at night, or during the pouring rain – then you know what we’re talking about.

The Zvelta LED Safety Flare will make you visible! It’s bright, has 9 flashing modes, easy to use and easy to store, and it’s durable. And it’s versatile – it’s waterproof (take it boating on the lake or down the river!) and light (hook it onto your jacket or your bike pack!). Use the Zvelta LED Safety Flare on hiking trips, picnics, music festivals – anywhere and any time you need to stay visible.

The Zvelta LED Safety Flare makes a thoughtful gift that your family, friends and coworkers will appreciate (even if they don’t realize it until they need it). We designed the 6-piece pack for versatility in mind – you can split between two vehicles, or keep several in the car and the rest in your ‘bug out’ bag. We’ve also included a small screwdriver so you don’t have to fumble around if you want to remove the back battery cover. We want you to be safe!

Stay safe, visible and do more of what you love!